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Cadillac in VR

Built in Unity, the Cadillac in Virtual Reality program is a groundbreaking virtual showroom. After a short tutorial, the user is greeted with breathtaking views of New York, as seen in real life from the rooftop of Cadillac House NYC. Using the HTC Vive, the user is presented with a simple and efficient navigation menu.  Using the thumbpad and trigger on the controller, any vehicle in the current Cadillac line up can be selected and customized. The user can then teleport inside the vehicle and view/select their desired interior package options.  Whether outside or inside the vehicle, the time of day can be changed from daytime to dusk, allowing the user to see the difference in vehicle appearance at the predetermined times of day. Beyond being a one-of-a-kind virtual experience that is as interesting as it is informative, one of the greatest advantages of Cadillac VR is the mobility in which the system can be used. It can serve as an impromptu showroom where consumers would otherwise not be able to experience the beauty of Cadillac or be used as a supplemental sales tool for dealers that may not have full inventory on site.

Made by Team, All Things Media

I worked as a 3d Artist. (A team of 8 people)

Program I used: 3ds Max, Unity, Photoshop, and Nuke.

Cadillac VR

Cadillac VR

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